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Do Right Now

This is our #CallToAction page for local climate action, and includes current legislation at the City & State levels. If you don’t already have your reps on your phone, lookup here, then call, tweet or write them about these.

Philadelphia City Council

  • Oppose the SEPTA gas plant.
    • Please call Mayor Kenney’s office at 215-686-2181 with this message:
      My name is ___, and I am voter in Philadelphia. I want the mayor to stop SEPTA’s proposed gas plant in Nicetown. Thank you.
    • If you live in Philadelphia 8th District, please  call Councilwoman Cindy Bass at 215-686-3424 or 215-686-3425 with this message:
      My name is     _____________. I live in ZIP Code ______ in your district. I’m concerned about the pollution in my neighborhood. Thank you for coming out against SEPTA’s proposed gas plant. Now please rezone the site and do everything in your power to make sure that there’s no gas plant build in Nicetown.

Pennsylvania House

Pennsylvania Senate

  • Support John Blake & Guy Reshenthaler’s SB 234 which would establish PA’s PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program, currently referred to Community, Economic & Recreational Development Committee. PACE is a means of financing energy efficiency upgrades or renewable energy installations for residential, commercial and industrial property owners; see more here.
    • Currently crafted to only allow participation from large commercial accounts. Please ask to include small commercial and residential accounts as well.
    • Please also ask that they remove credits for natural gas use
  • Support Mario Scavello’s SB 404 which would “close the borders” on PA’s solar renewable energy credit purchases, i.e. our utilities would need to purchase required solar-generated electricity from in-state projects, instead of the current procurement from VA & NC. This bill is currently referred to Environmental Resources & Energy Committee.

Pennsylvania Executives

  • Call Attorney General Josh Shapiro to investigate the DEP / 717-787-3391New information from a team of investigative journalists at Public Herald shows that the PA Department of Environmental Protection has systematically handled fracking-related complaints with misconduct.Investigators spent over three years to obtain information on fracking-related complaints. What they uncovered is that the DEP has received over 9,400 complaints related to gas and oil impact. Within this data, the Public Herald alleges to have identified at least 177 water contamination investigations wherein DEP committed one or more of three types of official misconduct: Malfeasance, Misfeasance & Negligence.Pursuing this potential criminal activity is the responsibility of the Office of the Attorney General.

    The referenced Public Herald article is: “To Hell With Us” – Records of Misconduct Found Inside PA drinking water investigations.Please also sign the related petition, to be delivered to the AG.

    See Facebook event here to participate in discussions.

    Contact info for the PA Attorney General

Sources: PA Environment Digest’s weekly newsletter & Pennsylvania Environmental Council’s bill tracker page.  Last updated: Mar 14 2017 6:35pm / send edits here.


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